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Tiffi's Gift Leash


Tiffi's Gift Step In Harness


Tiffi's Gift Tinkie Harness


Gold Puparoxy Tinkie Harness


Pink Velvet Leash


Pink Velvet Tinkie Harness with Big Bow


Pink Velvet Step-In-Harness


Pink Velvet Pinwheel Collar - Pink Sapphire


Tinkie Harnesses - Polka Dot Base & Contrasting Big Bow


Black Glitzerati Pinafore Ruffles - Tinkie Harness


Black Glitzerati Nouveau Bow Leash


Peaches-N-Cream Glen Houndstooth Nouveau Bow Tinkie Harness


Peaches-N-Cream Houndstooth Big Bow Leash


Peaches-N-Cream Glen Houndstooth Big Bow Step-In-Harness


Polka Dot Nouveau Bow Hair Bow - Double


Polka Dot Madison Dress

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The puppies here at the Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique say we are ready for business.
As a new, family operated business, we will do what we can to make your shopping experience here pleasant. We believe that the love your fur-baby brings you and your family should be rewarded with luxury, style, and fashion. We hope you do as well.

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