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February 23, 2023

“Ms. Peaches: Discusses Problems With Mr. Pickles.”

Ms. Peaches Talking about Mr. Pickles. Get ready for some hilarious and adorable puppy chatter in today’s video! Our seasoned gal Ms. Peaches is sounding off on the new puppy in town, little Mr. Pickles.

Four year old terrier Ms. Peaches has been ruling this house for quite some time. But now there’s a new sheriff in town – one month old chihuahua Mr. Pickles. When we first brought the tiny pup home, Ms. Peaches was not having it. A new dog in her domain? Oh no.

But little Mr. Pickles wasn’t fazed. He toddled right up to the grumpy terrier, gave her some sweet puppy kisses and just like that – her heart melted. Even if she won’t admit it.

In this funny video, we catch Ms. Peaches in a rare, unguarded moment talking all about her new little shadow Mr. Pickles. She tries to seem so annoyed describing how he gets into everything, chews her toys, wakes her from naps. But you can see it in her eyes – she loves this feisty little furball.

Mr. Pickles might be a handful, but Ms. Peaches is warming up to the idea of being a big sister. She’s setting some boundaries, but also letting her maternal side show a bit.

Stay tuned for more hilarious chatter and adorable puppy antics from this odd couple! Will Ms. Peaches fess up to actually liking little Mr. Pickles? Get the scoop straight from her sassy terrier mouth!

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