"The big bad wolf? More like a cuddly puppy,"


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Oklahoma Officers Respond to Wolf Sighting at Daycare and Find Missing ‘Cuddly Puppy’ Instead

A dog played a trick on the Oklahoma police officers that left some crying “wolf.”

On Tuesday morning, the Oklahoma City Police Department responded to a call about a wolf spotted near a local daycare, the department shared on Facebook. When authorities arrived on the scene, however, the wolf turned out to be something far tamer: a pet dog.

“The big bad wolf? More like a cuddly puppy,” the police department wrote on social media about the encounter.

After the officers found the animal, they checked in with another police department, which had recently reported a missing pet matching the supposed wolf’s description, and discovered the dog had a home. The mix-up wasn’t totally wolf-less, the missing dog picked up near the daycare is 85% wolf and 15% Alaskan Malamute, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

“Sgt. Stanley w/help from its owner was able to convince the very cordial Canis lupus to join him in his squad car and pose for selfies,” the department wrote in its Facebook post, alongside photos of the canine sitting in a squad car posing with smiling police officers.

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