Fashion changes, but Puppy Dogs in Dresses endures

Puppy Dog Dresses at Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique represent a collection of really cute apparel that is for all Dogs. As fashion icon and Puppy Dog lover, Karl Lagerfeld, said: “A Puppy Dog is never over-dressed or under-dressed in a Preppy Princess Dress.” Take it on good authority, all Puppy Dogs, regardless of gender, age, or size, enjoy wearing a dress. It’s a “Style Thing, not a Gender Thing.” We feel every Puppy Dog should have at least one favorite Preppy fashion piece. As Mr. Willy Wilson, CEP, (Chief Executive Puppy) likes to say: “Don’t just dress your Puppy Dog; pimp your pooch in Preppy Princess style, class, and individuality. The Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique offers exclusive high-quality couture, exclusive taste and apparel designed to fit most sizes. Our exclusive lines are made or designed in the United States.

Our fashionista, Ms. Peaches, loves to model the latest in Preppy Princess apparel.

Watch her videos today

Since “All Dogs are Puppies”, our apparel, especially dresses, are designed for all barking fur-babies, be they big or small, young, or old. The Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique is Powered by a Community of Puppies who believe that your Puppy Dog is more than “just a dog”. We know your Puppy Dog is a member of your family. As such, our Puppy staff are doing their doggone very best to bring you fine Preppy styled fashion. Take a few moments today, with your Puppy Dog, and shop for something that screams Colour, Polka Dots, Floral, Pink, and Preppy today.

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