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The Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique

– Where All Dogs Are Puppies –

Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique is where all Puppy Dogs go to find Preppy fashion, Preppy class, and Preppy style apparel and accessories. Ask any of us, all Puppy Dogs desire to look spiffy, fashionable and above all, cute. What Puppy Dog doesn’t want to look their best? So, before you get your hackles raised, all Puppy Dogs look good in a Preppy style dress. Remember, it is a fashion thing, not a gender thing. Feel free to dress your handsome guy Puppy Dog in a cute pink lace dress today. He will love you for it.


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We are a small U.S. based business run my Puppy Dogs. You heard us right; our business has been turned over to the dogs. Notwithstanding, our two-legged handlers are trained to do mundane things like making sure our human-grade food is our chow bowls, and that the lights stay on. Along with an occasional visit to our veterinarian. Aside from that, Puppy Dogs run the show here at The Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique. We love all things Pink, Green, and fashionably festive. (See our About Us page.)

Our fashionista, Ms. Peaches, is one of our Puppy Dog models. Take a few moments to watch her YouTube videos as she shows off some of our latest apparel.

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