What is your Puppy Dog’s – Wishlist

The Preppy Princess Puppy Dog – Wishlist is every Puppy Dogs wish. Undeniably, all Puppy Dogs have a wish list. One of your Puppy Dog’s wishes, aside from giving unconditional love, having a warm bed and good food, is fashion and glamour. That is exactly right, fashion and glamour. Your Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique has everything your Puppy Dog needs to fill her wish list.

Make Your Puppy Dog’s Wishes Come True

Start with a Puppy Dog chat, (that is what we do) and ask what she wants. After a lick, bark, or a run through the house, you will know. Then visit our Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique and look through our amazing collection of Preppy fashion finery and style. Have some fun. Once you have picked out an outfit or two, look for accessories. All Puppy Dogs love jewelry, ties, collars, and bling to match the outfit. Who doesn’t?

Your Puppies Wish List on The Preppy Princess

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As our Mr. Willy Wilson likes to say, “Don’t forget, All Dogs are Puppies.”   Mr. Willy Wilson, Preppy Puppy, Puppy Dogs, The Preppy Princess Puppy Dog – Wishlist

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The puppies here at the Preppy Princess Puppy Boutique say we are ready for business.
As a new, family operated business, we will do what we can to make your shopping experience here pleasant. We believe that the love your fur-baby brings you and your family should be rewarded with luxury, style, and fashion. We hope you do as well.

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