Breaking the Chains Animal Rescue (BTC), a U.K.-based animal rescue group.

Breaking the Chains Animal Rescue

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Injured Dogs Rescued from the War in Ukraine Are Ready for Adoption After Receiving Wheelchairs

Dogs Johnny and Phoenix are rising from the ashes of war to find loving forever homes.

Breaking the Chains Animal Rescue (BTC), a U.K.-based animal rescue group, took in both canines after the dogs were injured during the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia launched its large-scale attack on Ukraine on February 24 — the first major land conflict in Europe in decades.

According to a release from Walkin’ Pets — a pet mobility company — rescuers reportedly found Johnny shot by the Russian military and left with his back legs paralyzed. By the time help arrived, the brown and black dog had pulled himself 2 miles by his front legs. Phoenix was hit by an airstrike. The dog lost his back paws in the attack and injured one of his front paws.

Miraculously both dogs survived their severe injuries on their own long enough for BTC, which worked with an animal rescue in Ukraine, to take in the canines. Since welcoming the pups, the group has provided the animals with medical attention, shelter, and loving care.

After helping the pets heal, it was clear to BTC that the dogs’ mobility would benefit from wheelchairs. The group contacted U.S.-based Walkin’ Pets to inquire about wheelchairs for the dog duo. Walkin’ Pets gladly donated a wheelchair to each pooch to help the canines learn how to walk again and gain more independence.

Johnny and Phoenix took to the wheelchairs quickly. Both dogs are walking again and doing so well that BTC has deemed them ready for adoption.

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