Critter Color Tips

Critter Color customized color system is very versatile.  Here are some great tips!

Colors are UV sensitive, and may change color when exposed to sunlight, just shake the jar and the color will return to normal

You can use critter color straight from the bottle with a tint brush

Dilute the product until you can get it to move through a spray pump bottle and mist critter color on the pets coat

You can also dilute the product until you can move it through an air brush system.

Once you apply the color to the pet, use a dryer on a low setting similar to using a personal hair dryer.   Once the product has moved past a splatter stage, you can up the drying speed.

You can control color depth by applying multiple layers, more layers means brighter colors and longer holding time.

Colors will wash or fade out over time, washing coat with speed up the process.

Side-by-side color is easy to do with this product. Just apply the color where you wish and dry – Use caution when drying, so you do not cross contaminate the colors 

Can you use on a wet coat, but we suggest that you use a damp, really good towel dried coat; so that when you dry the color applied it does not splatter.


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BTW: This item is recommended by Mr. Willy Wilson.

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