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Tika the Iggy
Tika the Iggy

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Best in Show: Tika the Iggy on Why She ‘Loved It’ but ‘Couldn’t Wear It’

In late December, TikTok blessed us with a new fashion It girl by way of a viral video. Tika, as she is known, tried on a collection of fabulous ensembles, including a faux-fur coat, rainbow-striped fleece, and floral-print button-down. While modeling each look, she noted, in a voiceover created by Lorena Pages, that while she “loved it,” she “couldn’t wear it.” Tika is a Montreal-based Italian greyhound. Best known by her Instagram and TikTok moniker Tika the Iggy, the statuesque, silver-haired pup tugged on the heartstrings of those who’ve felt confined to leggings and sweats over the last 10 months of a pandemic that has altered everyone’s way of life. Tika was and continues to be all of us: sartorially lost souls staring longingly into a closet full of things rendered mostly unwearable at the moment, like embellished dresses, textured and printed pants, box clutches, and platform heels. But not so fast—Tika actually teaches us that, however impractical, fashion can be worn and enjoyed just for the sake of fun and self-expression.

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