Critter Colors

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Critter Colors – Temporary Pet Fur Coloring/Dog Dye


Critter Colors – 4 Oz.

  • Temporary Dog Fur Dye – Non permanent color – This Temporary Dog Hair Color washes out in 2 to 3 baths, or fades on its own within a few weeks.
  • Easy Application – Simple “Apply and Dry” approach which is suitable for all skill levels – Can be applied with spray bottle, brush, fingers, or air brush.
  • Pet Safe – Non toxic formula, which is intended for dogs at least 12 weeks old – Made in USA.
  • Won’t Rub Off – Once formula is dry, it will not rub off on other fur, fabric, or skin.
  • Colorful and Bright – Colors show best on white / light coats, and colors may not show on dark coats – Available in seven colors: Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

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(Step 1)

Apply Critter Color to a dry or damp coat with a Latex Gloved Hand, Tint Brush, Spray Bottle or Dilute product by 25 percent and use in a Airbrush System.

(Step 2)

Use a hair dryer to set the color.  Customize your color with multiple applications or mix several colors together and make your own color crazy Critter Color. The color will wash out from one to several baths. Washout time will vary due to coat conditions, heat and humidity at the time of application, plus the amount of layers applied for color depth.


H20, Carbopol, TEA, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene, Polysobsorbate 20, Color

  Mr. Willy Wilson, Preppy Puppy, Preppy Princess, All Dogs are Puppies

BTW: This item is recommended by Mr. Willy Wilson.

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Alexa's Soft Pink Kiss, All 7 Colors w/ Tint Brush, Blue Collar Worker, Central Park Green, Hazy Shade Of Purple, Orange County House Hounds, Sweet Avery Red, Yellow Snow


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Critter Colors
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